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Welcome to ohiowaterways.com!   If you are here, it is likely that you are working on a project with me and are contemplating making a contribution to the site.

Ohiowaterways describes life along the Ohio Canal and the Little Cuyahoga River that run through Akron, Ohio.  The form of the site is an illustrated dictionary.   The dictionary contains information about plants, animals, built things, organizations, and culture and landscape found along the canal and the river.  The dictionary is open ended, that is, there can be more entries added and as many different kinds of illustrations of the entries as are presented by participants.  A single definition can have many different illustrations.  Some could be drawings, others photographs or videos.

If you have an idea for the site please contact me.  If you have a definition or an illustration you may email it to me by using the address to the left.

Thank you,

Donna Webb

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