bridge over the LIttle Cuyahoga near Howard St. w trash

River Day

Under the leadership of Michael Kaplan, the first RiverDay was held on April 21, 1991. Over 2,000 people participated in 23 events conducted on that forty degree, rainy day. The purpose of the day was … more

See Box Elder

The Ash Leaf Maple is also called Box Elder,  see Box Elder

Giant Reed

  Along the banks of marshs, tall grasses grow known as the Giant reed or Phramites communis. It has flower clusters for heads and woody stems. The Giant reed or Common reed is a native, … more


  Aesculus Glabra, also known as the Buckeye, or “Hetuck” by Native Americans. The Buckeye, a deciduous tree, could grow to heights of eighty feet. It develops a gray -green layering of thick rough bark. … more

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