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Located on North Street, once the home of Swinehart Tire &Rubber Co.(established l904). Long before Swinehart, this was the site of Schumacher’s German Mill. Since l985, ABTEC has occupied what remained of the former Swinehart … more

Ace Rubber

Formerly American Rubber Company. Built in 1910-l9l9 on the site of the Aetna Mills north of lock 11. Chuck Guarro took over the Ace Rubber Co. name and moved his headquarters to the old building … more

Adam’s Ale

Fresh spring or well wate: the best water God can provide. No one actually drank the canal water. Instead they used springs such as the ones near Locks 10,15 and 16. A spring on the … more

Aetna Mill

One of Akron’s early mills. Built in l838 near the site which is now between the steam plant and Ace Rubber. Nearby was an earlier Aetna pig iron furnace erected in l832-3 and named after … more


Our city, The name is derived from the Greek, “high” . Its location at the continental divide separating the Lake Erie watershed from the Mississippi River watershed made the Akron site one of those considered … more

Akron Buzzard

Akron newspaper first published in l887 by historian Samuel Lane under the pen name Jedediah Brownhead Esq. Its purpose was to fight crime and expose the crooks attracted to the area by the activity surrounding … more

American elm

(Ulmus americana) A graceful vase-shaped tree, once plentiful in the United States. Since the l930’s as many as 100 million trees have died from Dutch elm disease which entered the United States at the port … more


Trees found in the area northwest of the Mustill store and lock 15. Apples were the most popular fruit in canal days. They were eaten fresh, cooked, and made into cider.


A common river bottom-land tree. The wood is hard with dense, close grain and is used for axe handles and baseball bats.

See Box Elder

The Ash Leaf Maple is also called Box Elder,  see Box Elder