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Sold at the Mustill Store. Probably cut from a nearby canal basin during the winter, stored in an ice house and sold during the rest of the year.

Ice Skating

Winter sport on the canal.

Industrial Heritage Park

An area of land set aside to pay tribute to and educate people about a history of the making of and processing of goods and materials. Cascade Locks Park is an industrial heritage park. It … more

Internal Sluiceway

A channel contained within a lock wall which allows the water level to be controlled without spilling it out into the air as happens when the wicket or butterfly valve is used. Locks such as … more


One of a large genus of plants typifying the family Iridaceae. They have large, handsome flowers of many colors with the three inner petals erect and the three outer ones usually spreading. A European garden … more


First worked in the Akron area in l816 at the iron furnace in Middlebury, near the present Goodyear. A year later iron was being made at what was known as Old Forge, near Forge and … more