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(Pachysandra terminalis) An evergreen ground cover from Japan found in a neglected lawn SW of Hickory Street, NW of Maple and NE of the Cuyahoga Valley RR line. It was uncommon before l900.

Packet Boat

A boat for carrying passengers on the canal. Though some were trim, sleek vessels carrying 50-75 passengers others were merely freight boats with the cargoholds boarded up and windows cut in. Traveled 4mph or up … more

Paint Works

A paint factory located above Lock 12.


(Felis concolor) A large quadruped of the cat family, tawny brown in color without spots. Found from British America to Patagonia but now practically extinct in eastern North America. Also called puma, panther and mountain … more


(Asinina trilby) A native small tree also called false banana because of the stubby, cylindrical fruits. Yellowish green, at first, they darken and are almost black when ripe. The flesh of the fruit is sweet … more

Pennsylvania & Ohio Canal

A cross cut canal. Waterway built to connect the Ohio Canal with the the Ohio River just below Pittsburgh. PA. Completed in l840, it ran down the middle of Main Street and connected with the … more

Perkins, General Simon


Surveyor and land agent for the Erie Land Company, he acquired 1,003 acres in l806 by satisfying an unpaid tax bill for $4.01. This land included 2/3 of the land just below the Portage Summit … more

Pfeiffer, John

Resident of 270 Ferndale three doors from the Mustill store. His family had owned the propertiy since the early l900’s. He was an eccentric and committed observer of the canal and amassed a very large … more

Phantom stair


Located at 264 Ferndale, the cement stairs lead up to a brick sidewalk in the yard of a house (since torn down) owned by B.D.Welton in l910.


An implement used to cut, lift, invert, and partly pulverize soil usually for agricultural purposes. The making of plows was one of the early businesses of Dr. Eliakim Crosby, builder of the Cascade Mill Race … more

Poison Ivy


(Rhus radicans) Weedy native plant found in the park. It’s leaflets are always in threes, flowers and berries are greenish white. An oil called urushiol found in the plant causes blisters and a skin rash. … more


(Phytolacca americana) Weedy native perennial found in the park. Also known as inkberry or the Jekyll and Hyde of the plant world. Tall (4 to 12 feet) purple-stemmed plant. Leaves can be used as a … more