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A storehouse for wares, or goods. Located at the edge of the canal to store goods coming from and going onto the canal.


Also called a bypass channel. A parallel channel around every lock that allowed excess water to bypass the lock during periods of less than peak traffic. Otherwise the water would flow over the top of … more


A region or area drained by a set of streams and rivers. The continental divide separating the rivers draining into Lake Erie and those draining into the Ohio and Mississippi rivers runs along through Summit … more

Welton’s Grocery Store

Canal era business located on the south side of North Street adjacent to Lock 14.

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad

Runs several freight trains a day on the line over the high steel trestle north of Lock 11.

White Sweet Clover

(Melilotus alba) A pasture plant introduced to the American landscape.



The butterfly valve in a lock gate to admit or drain water from the lock. drawing by Chris Hoot

Wild Astor

The wild aster is an eye catching flowering shrub. This plant varies in size, anywhere between ankle and waist high. It ascends above competing greenery for sunlight. The flowers are mainly white in hue. From a … more

Wild hops

Also called bryony , a plant of the genus Bryonia, A vine with a root that can be dried and used as a purgative. There is also a wild hop (Humulus lupulus) a vine that … more

Wild Turkey

(Meleagris gallopavo) A large wild bird. It formerly ranged wild from southern Mexico to New England and Canada, but now is hardly found north of virginia. It is widely kept in domestication in most parts … more


(Verbesina alternifolia)


Any of certain large doglike carnivorous mammals of the genus canis. The American gray, or timber wolf (C. occidentolis) Native to the Akron area in the earliest days. It was eradicated by farmers who claimed … more


(Marmota monax) A thickset marmot of the north eastern United States and Canada. Also called ground hog. Live in lowland forests and meadows. Eat tender plants such as alfalfa and clover and are often considered … more


Any of the species of birds of the family Piccidae. They have feet with two toes in front and two behind. The tail feathers are stiff and spiny to aid in climbing or resting on … more


The soft and curled, or crisped covering or coat of domesticated sheep and some other animals which constitutes, next to cotton, the most important material for clothing. Wool proper is borne by wild species of … more