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Canal slang for the female cook on a canal boat.

Harrison, William, H

Presidential candidate traveled through Ohio by canal boat in l840 to stump for votes.


(Crataegus coccinea) Thorny shrub or small tree of the rose family with flowers of white, pink or red and red fruits (haws) resembling miniature apples. Very common in overgrown fields along the canal.l

Heel Path

The upper surface on the bank of the canal opposite the tow path also called the berm bank. It often had a footpath.

Hi Hat

A Nightclub on Howard Street. It was here that major black entertainers performed in the decades between the first World War and the early 1950’s. Among the performers appearing here were Louie Armstrong, Count Basie, … more


Any American tree of the genus Carya, especially the shagbark or one of its allies. A river bottom tree with peeling bark. Hickory nuts were a popular snack. The wood was used for tool handles.

High bush cranberry

(Viburnum opulus) A native shrub that has white flowers in spring and clear red fruit in fall.


Also called a ”mule skinner”. Canal slang for the person who drove the tow animals.


(Lonicera cf. morrowi) A spring flowering, American shrub. It was popular in yards and gardens.


(Equus caballus) A large, solid-hoofed, herbivorous mammal domesticated by man since a prehistoric period. Used as a beast of burden , or draft animal, or for riding. Sometimes used to pull canal boats. Were more … more

Hot Houses

Canal slang for brothels.


Pertaining to the movement pressure, or other physical properties of a liquid system. A machine or system operated by the weight, movement or pressure of liquid.