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E.P.A. Testing Station

A small brick building located in front of the Mustill House. It is used to monitor water levels in the canal. It is also equipped with automatic sampling apparatus to monitor pollution though for some … more

Eastern Cottonwood

(Populous deltoides) A fast growing, water loving , small tree that grows along the canal and the Cuyahoga River. Cottonwood or aspen are the favorite food of beavers. Northeast Ohio had no beavers in the … more

Ebony Spleenworts

(Asplenium platyneuron) A small patch grows in the crevices between the sandstone block of the old train trestle on the west side of Howard Street.

Elevator Mill

A grist mill located above Lock 12.

Enchanter’s Nightshade

(Circaea lutetiana) A plant of the deep woods. It was named for the sorceress, Circe who used a poison form of it in her magic. The fruit sticks to dogs and socks in the fall.

English Sparrow

(Passer domesticus) Also called house sparrow. A native of most of Europe and parts of Asia. It was intentionally introduced into America , in about l850 to destroy insects and caterpillars. It feeds however largely … more

Excursion Boat

Often a converted freight boat with the cargo hold decked over. These became more prevalent in the waning days of the canal when less freight was hauled.