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Garfield, James

Twentieth president of the United States. Served as hoggie or mule boy, one summer for the “Morning Star” on the Cleveland-Akron stretch of the canal.

Garlic Mustard

(Alliarria officinalis) A very common plant in the park. Rounded leaves are soft and fuzzy with a faint scent of garlic.

Giant Reed

  Along the banks of marshs, tall grasses grow known as the Giant reed or Phramites communis. It has flower clusters for heads and woody stems. The Giant reed or Common reed is a native, … more


(Vitis sp) Woody vines that bear grapes. (Fox grapes, Frost Grapes Scuppernongs). Vikings called North America Vineland and the name still fits. Grapes grow from Canada to Mexico. In the l860’s grapevines were planted on … more


(Poa sp., Festuca sp., Panicum sp.) Green herbage affording pasturage, forage or hay , the vegetive condition of grain, and ornamental vegetation for lawns. Grasses are found throughout the park but especially in the area … more

Green Turtle

A popular lounge and gathering place located on Howard Street just north of the Matthew’s Hotel.