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Schumacher, Ferdinand


German immigrant who became “ Oatmeal King” of America and the world’s foremost producer of processed cereals. His Cascade Mill built in l876 on the Ohio Canal at North Street was the largest in Akron. … more

Scouring Rush

(Equisetum hyemale) The common horsetail used especially in Europe, as a scouring material. Occurs on the slope northwest of the Inner Belt and south of Lock 10.



(Prunella vulgaris) A blue-flowered Eurasian mint naturalized throughout North American. It was supposed to possess healing properties. Found along the footpath between Lock 13 and 14.

Sewer Pipe

Vitrified ceramic tubes used as drainage pipe for farmers and as piping for water and sewage systems. Akron remained the center of this industry from the l840’s until the end of the century.

Silver Maple

(Acer saccharinum) A small tree, fast growing and common along stream banks in America. It has deeply cut leaves that are light green above and silvery white beneath.


skink photographed by Erik Maietta on the Ohio and Erie Canal towpath near North Street in Akron, Ohio

A type of lizard frequently seen by residents of Cascade Village.  Skinks prefer rocky places with cracks where they can hide.  They are very selective about their habitat and it is not common to see … more


Canal slang for a drink.

Staghorn Sumac

(Rhyus typhina) A small weedy native tree with red fruit and leaves in the fall. The flower stalks and branches are velvety-pubescent, like young antlers. The fruit was used to make a drink like Kool-aid.


A flight of locks in Akron (#1-15) which allowed canal boats to travel from Summit Lake down to the level of the Little Cuyahoga river or up to Summit Lake from the level of the … more

Star of Bethlehem

(Ornithogalum umbellatum) Greenish white flowers arise from a clump of grasslike leaves. Also called sleepy dick from its early-closing flowers. It grows from a bulb. Very popular in old fashioned gardens; it naturalized in the … more

State Boat

A canal boat used to perform canal maintenance. It carried a crew and equipment for canal repairs. Since no extra mules were needed the boat lacked a central cabin.

State of Ohio

A canal boat built in Akron in l827. Made its maiden voyage during the July 4th celebration of the opening of the Ohio Canal from Akron to Cleveland.

Summit Level

The highest level on a canal where it crossed from one river valley to another. One of the two summit levels on the Ohio & Erie Canal was the Portage Summit at Akron.


(Platanus occidentalis) One of the three most popular yard trees of the mid nineteenth century. Also called Button ball tree. According to Pearl Nye, there was a spreading, stately sycamore shading the water at Lock … more