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(Syllvilagus, syn. Lepus, floridanus) Cottontail rabbit , the common American wood rabbit is active from dusk to dawn, feeding on green plants in summer and bark and twigs in winter. They nest in shallow fur-lined … more


(Procyon lotor) Nocturnal mammals, omnivores who eat frogs, fish and crayfish as well as birds, mice, insects, earthworms, fruits, nuts and about anything else edible. They like to live in trees near water. Chiefly gray, … more

Railroad Trestle

A braced framework of timbers, piles, or steelwork , usually of considerable height, for carrying a railroad over a depression. There are two over the Cascade Locks, both of steel. The lower trestle (appr 300 … more


Any of certain American venomous snakes having a series of horny interlocking joints at the end of the tail which make a sharp rattling sound when shaken. A smaller form known as the Massassaugas or … more

Red Oak

(Quercus rubra) Several large trees are located on the slope southwest of Lock 16 and on the slope northwest of Hubbard St. The wood was commonly used for framing buildings.

Relay Station

Place where tools and supplies were kept for the line boats. that did maintenance on the canal. One was located between Lock 14 and Lock 13.

River Day

Under the leadership of Michael Kaplan, the first RiverDay was held on April 21, 1991. Over 2,000 people participated in 23 events conducted on that forty degree, rainy day. The purpose of the day was … more

Rock Bottom

A popular meeting place for youth in the years after the closing of the lock system and until the early 70’s . Here, at the abandoned lock site between the Ohio Power plant and the … more

Rooster’s Nest

Canal slang for saloon. One was located at Lock 10 and another at Lock 16.


A substance obtained primarily from the milky juice of tropical plants (Eg. Hevea brasiliensis) and usually characterized by its elasticity, though its properties vary widely, depending upon its source and preparation. The making of products … more

Rubber Tire

Rubber or inflated rubber cushioning for wheels. From l900 to l950 as many rubber tires were made in Akron as in all the rest of the world combined. Though Goodrich, Goodyear, Firestone, General and U.S. … more