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Lane, Samuel


1815-l905. Newspaper editor, mayor, sheriff and Akron’s first historian. In l892 he documented the first 50 years of Akron history, the heyday of the Ohio Canal.


A bloodsucking worm of the genus Hirudinea. Common in the canal. Used for medicinal purposes. They were harvested by youths who swam in the canal allowing the leeches to attach to their bodies. The leeches … more


(Syringa vulgaris) A European shrub with oval leaves and large blossoms of pink-purple fragrant flowers. There are many species and horticultural varieties. Lilacs are found northwest of the Mustill Store. It was very popular in … more


(Convallaria majalis) A sweet scented European bulb found in the neglected garden plot northwest of Mustill Store. It is a low perennial herb having two large oblong leaves and nodding bell-shaped white flowers. Bulbs like … more

Little Cuyahoga River

Enters Akron from Springfield township and flows westward roughly following route 76 to Kelly Avenue. At that point it turns and flows north and then west as it passes through downtown Akron. Continuing north and … more


A rectangular chamber 90 feet long by 15 feet wide of sandstone blocks and wooden floor in which a boat could change elevation. The lock operated like a hydraulic elevator that raised or lowered boats … more

Lock Gates


A two-part gating system consisting of doors made of heavy timbers which closed in a “V” pointing upstream. Used to contain water and to allow boats to pass into and out of a lock.

Lock Mill

An industry powered by water diverted from the wasteway. This diverted water was used to turn a turbine or a water wheel as the water descended from the upper level to the lower level of … more

Lock Sill

The V-shaped heavy white oak timbers against which upper lock gates closed.


Usually pine from the Michigan lumber camps, brought to Cleveland by lake boats and from Cleveland to Akron by canal.