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Malvin, John

1795-1880. Afro-American who came to Cleveland in the early 1800’s. He conquered racial bias when he became a charter member of an otherwise all white Baptist church. He won white volunteers to the Underground Railroad … more


From l845 on when George Barber opened his match factory here, Akron grew to dominate the American match market. Barber’s son Ohio Columbus, was an important force in the growth of the industry. Raw materials … more

Matthews Hotel

For four decades, one of the centers for Akron’s black community, the cornerstone of a thriving business and entertainment complex. George Mathews converted an existing boardinghouse at the corner of Howard and Perkins Streets into … more



Any of certain insects of the family Culiciddae, having a rather narrow abdomen, usually a long and slender but firm proboscis and narrow wings. The males have featherlike antennae and the mouth parts are not … more

Mower and reaper

Machinery made in Akron for farming. For thirty years it was the leading industry of Akron (1860’s—1890’s). The canal provided water for cooling and transportation for raw materials .


Any tree of the genus Morus; also the edible, pleasantly acid berrylike fruit, usually dark purple. (Red) Mulberry trees grow to 70 feet tall. Though the fruits are edible the trees’ height makes them difficult … more


The offspring of a mare and a male donkey. Along with the jenny (the offspring of a stallion and a she-ass) it was the preferred form of power for boats on the Ohio Canal. They … more


(Onddatra, syn. Fiber, zibethicus) An aquatic rodent. It reaches a length of two feet with webbed hind feet and long scaly tail. Muskrats tunneled into the canal banks beneath the water, and constructed small chambers … more

Mustill House and Store

Built in the l850’s, at Lock 15, operated for years by Fred Mustill, selling groceries to the neighborhood and to people traveling on the Ohio Canal.


Also called common trailing periwinkle (Vinca minor) Dark green ground cover with periwinkle blue flowers in the spring. Found around trees and near Lock 15 in front of the Mustill Store.