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(Narcissus pseudo-narcissus) A garden bulb that escaped to grow wild. They were very popular before l860 and after l920. Look for them north west of the Mustill House in April.

Daisy fleabane

(Erigeron philadelphicus) Weedy urban plant, having aster-like white flowers with yellow centers.


A wall-like structure built across a river or other water channel from the bottom to a sufficient height to trap water behind it. The dam located on the Little Cuyahoga River in the area between … more

Dames Rocket

(Hesperis mattronalis) A sweet smelling European flower that escaped from family flower gardens. Resembles a phlox but has four petals (not five) , long seed pods and stands 1-3 feet tall. Its flowers are pink, … more

Day Lily

Any plant or flower of the genus Hemerocallis. They have long narrow basal leaves and orange flowers in summer. They were used as packing material in crates of porcelain china shipped from Asia, The plants … more

Deadly Nightshade

(Solanum dulcamara) A weak, vinelike plant found in the park. It has 5 swept-back violet petals with protruding beak-like yellow anthers. The leaves have 2 small lobes at the base. The fruit forms in drooping … more


A large mammal of the family Cervidae in which the male grows a rack of antlers each year. Native to the Akron area since the withdrawal of the ice age; white-tailed deer were hunted in … more


A dock from which the water can be drained, used for building and repairing boats.


The neighborhood north of Market Street and west of Main Street was called Dublin after the many Irish who came here to work on the canal.

Dublin Cemetery

Located on the bluff north of Furnace Street between Main and High, the cemetery was used between l832 and l838 by Irish families who came to Akron when the Canal was built. Many people were … more


Any of various swimming birds of the family Anatidae, characterized by having the neck and legs short and the sexes almost always differing from each other in plumage. They are smaller than swans or geese. … more