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Cackling Hens

Canal slang for prostitutes.

Canada thistle

(Cirsium arvense) A short thistle-like European plant that came to the United States via Canada. Considered by farmers to be one of the most pernicious weeds. Its only known use is of the seeds which … more

Canal Boats

Seventy to eighty feet long, fourteen feet wide, rode low in the water and carried fifty to eighty tons of cargo. Built with pointed prow and curved hull, these boats took advantage of the low … more

Cascade House

Built in l832 on the corner of what is now West Market and Howard streets. It was one of the first hotels with strong links to the canal, which ran within feet of the building.

Cascade Locks

Locks 10 to 16 on the Ohio & Erie Canal in Akron. These locks allowed boats to descend or rise 71 vertical feet over a distance of about a third of a mile.

Cascade Locks Park Association

Group of citizens and organizations dedicated to realizing the completion of Cascade Locks Park from locks 10 – 16 along the Ohio & Erie Canal while preserving, protecting and promoting the industrial heritage of the … more

Cascade Mill

First built as a Grist Mill by William Mitchell in l840. Cascade Mill was rebuilt with improved hydraulics in l876 by oatmeal king Ferdinand Schumacher. Located near lock 14 (also called Cascade Mill Lock). The … more

Cascade Mill Race

A hydraulic canal which paralleled the Ohio Canal along Locks 10 through 14. Carried water from the Little Cuyahoga River near the foot of Bank Street along the edge of the hills to Lock 5 … more

Change bridge

A bridge carrying the towpath from one side of the canal to another. The towpath originally changed sides at the Mustill store (lock 15). and again at lock 11. Today the towpath changes sides (will … more


(Allium schoenoprasum) A perennial plant related to the onion. Its slender rushlike leaves are used to flavor soups, omelets etc. Found in the old garden site northwest of the Mustill Store.

Chug Chug

A hand built bicycle-like vehicle used by youngsters for entertainment (a poor man’s soap-box vehicle). A board (usually a two by four) with wheels or skate bottoms attached, onto which a box is also affixed … more

Cigar Box

A small rectangular box made to contain cigars for sale. Often made of Spanish cedar , a tropical American tree (Cedrela odorato) which has a fragrant red wood. A factory for making boxes, including those … more

Clay Products

Pottery and sewer pipe produced in Akron accounted for the shipment of much clay, coal and finished ceramic products shipped on the canal. By l870 the industry was employing more than 700 people.


(Clematis sp) Also called Virgin’s Bower and Old Man’s Beard. Clematis is a wild flower vine with white flowers that bloom in August. It is found at the northwest part of the streamside forest; northeast … more


The local source of coal was Coal Hill, located in the west end of Tallmadge Township. This coal not only fueled Akron’s steam-driven industries beginning in the l850’s but large amounts went by canal through … more

Continental divide

A ridge separating rivers that flow to opposite sides of a continent. The continental divide separating the rivers draining into Lake Erie from those draining into the Ohio River runs through Summit Lake, just to … more


Wood cut in 4 foot lengths from along the canal. Chopped during the winter months, it was hauled and piled along the sides of the canal and boated to Cleveland during the summer and fall.

Crab apple

(Malus ioensis) A wild form of the common apple with small, sour fruit Found behind the Mustill Store. Used for cider and jelly by early inhabitants along the canal and eaten by deer, raccoons and … more

Crack Willow

(Salix fragilis) A European tree that escaped from yards. Willows love growing near water and are therefore found along the canal and the Cuyahoga River.


Striped Ground Cricket: Allonemobius fasciatus . The cricket is more body than legs and is about the size of a fingernail. It has a small set of brown wings, which are used for chirping not … more

Crosby, Dr. Eliakim


An Akron pioneer who built the mill race from a diversion dam on the Little Cuyahoga River near East Market Street to downtown Akron. The energy released by the falling water turned the wheel of … more


Both Black current (Ribes nigrum) and Gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa) are native plants favoring woodland habitats by stream banks. They served as food for birds and animals as well as for the humans lucky enough to … more