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Tamarack Swamps

Located south of Summit Lake. They had to be drained to dig the canal. The vegetation left exposed above the water line when the water was drained left a terrible stench. Local inhabitants fled because … more



(Dipsacus fullonum) Also called the fuller’s teasel. A flower head of the fuller’s teasel covered with stiff hooked bracts and formerly used, when dried to raise a nap on woolen cloth. They could be placed … more


  Purple Thistle Flower The thistle flower is a globe shaped flower. It varies from 2-6cm in diameter. The colors of the flower range from a dark pink to a lavender. The flowers are produced … more


The place where boatmen paid tolls. One of the eleven tollhouses along the Ohio & Erie Canal was located in Akron at Lock 1.


Canal building tools included a pick, shovel, a wooden scoop for lifting out earth and the wheel barrow for hauling it away.


A stout, braided hemp line about 160 feet long attached to a canal boat on one end and to three mules in tandem on the other. The boat was pulled by means of the towline … more


The path parallel to the canal along which the drivers and animals walked, pulling the canal boat on a towline. It was a minimum of two feet above the water line and a minimum of … more

Tree of Heaven

(Ailanthus altissima) A Chinese tree that was treasured when it was rare, before l830’s. It has become very common and weedy.

Tulip Tree

(Liriodendron tilippifera) A tall North American timber tree having truncate, somewhat lobed leaves and large tuliplike yellow and orange flowers in early summer. Its soft white wood called whitewood, poplar, or yellow poplar) is used … more


Any marine reptile of the order Chelonia. They are characterized by the bony shell into which many species withdraw head, limbs and tail. They also have a toothless bony beak. Fresh water turtles are native … more