Purple Thistle Flower

The thistle flower is a globe shaped flower. It varies from 2-6cm in diameter. The colors of the flower range from a dark pink to a lavender. The flowers are produced in the late summer/ early autumn. The plant is a part of the Asteraceae plant family. It has prickles that are an adaption. These protect the plant against herbivorous animals.

This flower is an ancient Celtic symbol of nobility of character. It also represents birth. Since 1249 the thistle flower has been a national emblem of Scotland. One thistle is said to have saved an entire army. There was a Viking invasion of Scotland. One of the enemy warriors was approaching to the sleeping Scotsmen. He stepped barefoot on a thistle. This caused him to cry out in pain. The warrior’s screams woke up the King and the sleeping Scotsmen. The King was so grateful that he adopted it as the Scottish emblem.

by Ashley Rastetterr



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